Who is better ac Milan or Barcelona?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Barcelona is better

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Q: Who is better ac Milan or Barcelona?
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Who's Jerseys Are Better AC Milan's Or Barcelona's?

Personally, AC Milan's. Classic red and black stripes.

Fc Barcelona vs ac Milan all results?

fc barcelona vs milan results?

Is ronaldinho still in Barcelona?

No, he is at AC Milan

To which team does ronaldinho changed?

Ronoldhino changed clubs from Barcelona to A.C.Milan.

Is Ronaldinho playing for Barcelona?

No, Ronaldinho does not play for FC Barcelona, he plays for AC Milan

Does roaldhinio play for AC Milan?

NO ronaldiniho plays for Barcelona

What teams has brasilian ronaldo played for?

barcelona, inter milan,ac milan,real madrid

Do AC Milan share the same stadium as Barcalona?

No, AC Milan share the San Siro with Inter Milan. Barcelona own their stadium and don't share it with anyone.

When was ronaldinho traded to AC Milan?

Ronoldhino was traded from Barcelona to A.c. Milan about two years ago.

Who has scored a hat-trick against Argentina Brazil Barcelona AC Milan and Inter Milan?


Which footballer started their career at Ac Milan and finished at Barcelona?

Demetrio Albertini.

Who knocked ac milan out of the champions league in 2011 2012?

AC Milan was knocked out by Barcelona. They were knocked in the quarter final is 2011 and in the ROund of 16 in 2012.