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wayne rooney mate

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Q: Who is better Rooney or Messi?
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Who is is better Wayne Rooney or Lionel Messi?

Rooney is world best messi cant practise as much! ROONEYS BETTER!

Who is better Lionel messi or Wayne Rooney?

It is Messi , but they bth do well for their clubs Rooney scores for England as well.

Is Rooney better than messi?

No Messi is better, we must remember that Messi has won both the European footballer of the year and also F.I.F.A player of the year, and has also scored goals every year , sack full of them Rooney has failed to score since March 2010.And Rooney has not won these titles either.

Who is better at soccer Wayne Rooney or Lionel messi?

Funny question. Ofcourse Messi

Is Lionel messi better than Wayne Rooney?

At the moment, yes.

Is Wayne Rooney better then Lionel messi?

He's good, but he's not that good.

Who is older Rooney or Messi?

Wayne Rooney

Who is the best footballer out of Rooney or Messi?


Who is the faster between messi and Rooney?


Is Lionel messi the best footballer in the world?

It is between Messi, Rooney and Ronaldo.

Who is better than beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo?

there are couple who are better then beckham like wanye rooney gerrard but the is just 1 man better then cristiano ronaldo that is LEONEL MESSI

How do you play football like Wayne Rooney?

I play football like messi because I am messi

Messi is better than Ronaldo?

Messi is by far the best in the world compared to ronaldo

Who is the current world top scorer?

It is either Rooney, Messi, or Higuain.

Highest paid footballer in Britain?

there is a few high paid footballers Rooney , Messi , Ronaldo to name a few . But the better the footballer the higher the pay

Is Wayne Rooney a big fan of oasis?

No Wayne Rooney is not a fan. lionel messi is a big fan of the Oasis.

Is neymar better than messi?

no messi is better than neymar messi has better skills and dribbles better but neymar and messi are bros for life

Who is better Drogba or Messi?

Messi is better.

What foot does Wayne Rooney kick with?

his preferd foot is right but i think he can score with his left too.He is the best player and he is much much better than messi in skills

Who is better Rooney or david villa?

Rooney is better than David villa by far because Rooney is deadly and David villa gets good support and Rooney doesn't so Rooney is better.

Who is better messi or kaka?

messi by far is better!!

Is cr7 better then messi?

is cr7 better then messi

Who is better Wayne Rooney or ronaldinho?

ronaldinho is diffently better than Wayne Rooney. Rooney has big ears and ronaldinho is a better footballer! Rooney is good but not as good as ronaldinhho

Who is better Wayne Rooney or Samuel eto?

Rooney is better

Is Wayne Rooney the best player in the world?

No, the best footballer is Lionel Messi.