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Jordan of Course

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Q: Who is better Michael Jordan or lebron James?
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In rankings is lebron James better than Michael Jordan?

lebron James is better than Michael Jordan

is LeBron better than micheal jordan?


Is Michel Jordon better than Le-Brown James?

There is no one named "Michel Jordon" or "LeBrown James" who have ever played a professional sport. If you are referring to Michael Jordan and LeBron James, yes, Michael Jordan is better than LeBron James.

Who was faster Michael Jordan or LeBron James?

Michael Jordan, when he was young.

Who is better in the nba lebron James Michael Jordan or george iceman?

M.J. is the greatest

Who are Michael Jordan's friends?

Michael Jordan has a great friend named Michael Tuvshinsaikhan and he was actually better at Basketball than Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant,and LeBron James.

Is LeBron James a better player than Michael Jordan?

No because LeBron doesn't know how to run the floor and Michael "Air Jordan" can score about 60 points a game. Even though LeBron is newer does not mean that he is better! Therefore, Michael Jordan is the best Basketball player ever.

Who is LeBron James idol?

michael jordan

Is LeBron James endorsed by Michael Jordan?


Who could stop Michael Jordan?

LeBron James

Did Michael Jordan ever play Lebron James?


Who is the best player in Miami Heat history?

Lebron James because he is better or the same as Michael Jordan.