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Q: Who is better Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson?
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Related questions

Who is better magic Johnson or Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan\

Who makes more money Michael Jordan or magic Johnson?

Definitly Michael Jordan

Who is taller Michael Jordan or magic Johnson?

IM pretty sure its Michael Jordan

Who was better than Michael Jordan?

Larry Bird and Irving"magic"Johnson are better cause they saved the NBA

Who is richer Michael Jordan or magic Johnson?

Jordan by 100 million.

Who has more money Michael Jordan or magic Johnson?

Michael Jordan is better than anyone in the world,but the burger king whopperburger gets paid billions

Who is the better basketball player lebron James or Kobe Bryan?

Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and rondo

Is Tim Duncan the true G.O.A.T.?

Yes he's better than Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan.

Who is higher on the Forbes list magic Johnson or Michael Jordan?

Magic erving johnson a.k.a. Da magic man!

Who has the most money Micheal Jordan or Magic Johnson?

Easily Michael Jordan.

Who influence Michael Jordan?

Earvin "Magic" Johnson and his father James Jordan

Who was Michael Jordan arch-enemy?

Who was Michael Jordan's Arch-Enemy*, Dominique Wilkins, and Magic Johnson.

How many NBA championships for Magic Johnson and how many championships for Michael Jordan?

Magic Johnson won five NBA championships. Michael Jordan is a six-time NBA champion.

What year did Michael Jordan marry Cookie?

Michael Jordan did not marry Cookie. Magic Johnson is married to Cookie. Magic and Earlitha Kelly were married in 1991.

Who is Michael Jordan's favorite player?

Michael Jordan grow up watching Magic Johnson, Dr Julius Erving...

Retired basketball players?

Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson and Beef Burritos

Did magic Johnson and Michael Jordan ever meet?

Yes. They played each other from '84 (the year Michael Jordan was drafted (Magic was in '79)) to '91 when Magic retired, and again in the '95-'96 season when Johnson returned for one season before calling it quits for good

What are some names of people in the basketball hall of fame?

Michael Jordan Michael jordan, Ervin(magic) Johnson, Karl Malone, Kareem Abdul Jabaar,Larry Bird and many more. Michael jordan, Ervin(magic) Johnson, Karl Malone, Kareem Abdul Jabaar,Larry Bird and many more.

What is the value of an autograph picture of michael jordan and magic johnson?

200-400 dollars each

What basketball players have won college NBA and olympic championships?

michael jordan, magic johnson

Who is the best all-time basketball player?

Michael Jordan is considered the best along with magic Johnson

What is the worth of a Michael Jordan and magic Johnson autographed photo of them together sitting on the bench wearing blue uniforms with magic Johnson?

Your life n all the jordans 1-13

Who better Julius erving or magic Johnson?

magic Johnson is better

Is magic Johnson better than Micheal Jordan in basketball?

jordan is better than any body in the nba.He is one of the greatest basketball players in the nba

Who controls the offense in basketball?

Kobe Bryant/Michael Jordan/Hakeem Olajuwon/ Magic Johnson/Allen Iverson