Who is better Magic or Bird?

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magic he has more rings won championships has more assist Larry bird copied his style of passing Larry was just better at shooting

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Q: Who is better Magic or Bird?
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Who was better Larry Bird or Magic Johnson?

magic Johnson magic Johnson

Is Larry bird better than magic Johnson?

Magic Johnson is good, but if you look at the stats Larry Bird is better. They are both 6' 9", but Johnson played point guard so he obviously has more assists but Bird has more points and rebounds.

When was Magic Bird created?

Magic Bird was created in 2006.

When did Magic Bird end?

Magic Bird ended in 2007.

Who was better than Michael Jordan?

Larry Bird and Irving"magic"Johnson are better cause they saved the NBA

Who is better Larry Bird or Magic Johnson?

I would have to say Larry Bird because he hustled and did everything with 100% effort. Magic was a flashy guy but he couldnt shoot. Bird was an all around monster. If you have seen the HBO special "Magic VS. Bird," you will see that they go to an old 1980s newspaper and the rookie of the year was Bird by alot of votes. If you are speaking winning its magic 5 to 3. But if you are speaking individually its bird. If I were to start a franchise and I had to pick 1 of them, I'd take Bird. I mean come on he had a horrible team at Indiana St. and still almost beat Magic. I'd take Bird

How would you turn yourself into a bird?

you would eat a magic wand and then say: Bird! It worked for me!

How much is a Jordan Magic and Bird Autographed Basketball worth?

Jordan about $1,000 Magic about $700 Bird about $700

Which is better Magic Jack or Ooma?

I think Magic Jack is better

Who better Julius erving or magic Johnson?

magic Johnson is better

Which is better war craft or magic?


What was papageno's job in the magic flute?

he was a bird catcher.

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