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Rickey Henderson

Rickey Henderson got on base a lot more, hit for more power, and was a better fielder for most of his career. Brock was very good, but Henderson was one of the greatest players of all time.

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Q: Who is better Lou brock or rickey Henderson?
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Who stole more bases Rickey Henderson or Lou Brock?

Rickey Henderson is the all-time MLB stolen base leader, with 1,406. Lou Brock is second with 938.

Whose record of stolen bases did Rickey Henderson break?

Lou Brock-938 Rickey Henderson-1406

How many stolen bases did Rickey Henderson have in his career?

Rickey Henderson finished his career with 1,406 stolen bases almost a good 500 more then 2nd place (Lou Brock 938).

Who is the all time stolen base leader in professional baseball?

Rickey Henderson, by far. He had 1,406 stolen bases. The next closest was Lou Brock with 938.

What Major League baseball player stole the most bases in his baseball career?

Rickey Henderson, with 1,406, shattering the old record of 938 set by Lou Brock

Has rickey Henderson stole home plate?

In 1982 Rickey Henderson set the single season steals record at 130 for the modern ball era, besting Lou Brock's previous record of 118. During his record breaking season he stole home not once, but twice!

What players are the top 2 on the career stolen bases list?

Rickey Henderson is MLB's all time stolen base leader with 1406. Lou Brock is second with 938.

Who holds the record for stolen bases in his career?

Rickey Henderson stole 1,406 bases, shattering Lou Brock's record of 938. Ty Cobb's record of 892 had stood for about 50 years until Brock broke it in 1977.

Who broke ty cobbs record for stealing bases?

On the all time stolen base list Ty Cobb currently sits in 4th place behind Rickey Henderson, Lou Brock, and Billy Hamilton.

What baseball players have 3000 hits and 500 Stolen-bases?

1. Rickey Henderson 2. Lou Brock 3. Ty Cobb 4. Eddie Collins 5. Honus Wagner 6. Paul Molitor

How many bases did Lou brock steal in his baseball career?

Lou Brock stole 938 bases in his 19 year career. He played for the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals. He led the league eight times in stolen bases and had 118 steals in 1974 for the Cardinals. The only other player who has more steals than him is Rickey Henderson with 1406.

Who holds the record for most career stolen bases and whose record did he break?

On May 1, 1991, Rickey Henderson, then with the Oakland A's, broke Lou Brock's career stolen base record of 938. Henderson went on to steal a major-league record 1,406 bases lifetime.

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