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On the basis of goals scored per game (a reasonable measure for a striker), Messi is the better player; As a club striker, Messi has scored 96 goals in 184 games, a strike rate of 0.52 (better than a goal in every other game). Torres has scored 153 goals in 346 games for an average of 0.44.

You could argue that whilst Messi has been the spearhead of one of the most expensive and successful Barcelona teams ever assembled, his job of tucking away the goals has probably been easier than that of Torres who played for perennial also-rans Atlético Madrid and Liverpool.

Messi has, however, also won every major individual honour, including UEFA Player of the Year, the Ballon d'Or, FIFA Golden Ball and FIFA World Player whilst Torres has not.

On balance: probably Messi by a short nose.

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Q: Who is better Loinel Messi or Fernando Torres?
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