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Statistically speaking, Manchester United are the most successful club in English football, but Liverpool is also quite excellent.

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This is a matter of intense debate.



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For the past 20 years Manchester United have been the most dominant team in England, where as Liverpool have been a laughing stock. They have never won the Premier League.

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Q: Who is better Liverpool F.C. or Manchester United F.C.?
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Is Liverpool better than Manchester United?

Manchester United are much better than Liverpool FC. Manchester United FC has many more honors.defnently Liverpool are better than manu!

Who has more trophies Liverpool FC or Manchester United FC 50k?

It is Manchester United.

Are Liverpool FC and Manchester United derbies?

Yes, the matches between Manchester United FC and Liverpool FC are called the "North West derby".

How many European cups have Liverpool FC and Manchester United FC won between them?

8 - Liverpool 5 Manchester United 3

Who has more trophies Liverpool FC or Manchester United FCevo?

Manchester United 60 - Liverpool Fc 59Daz Madmak Macd smelly scouse rat

Best supported football clubs in england?

Manchester United Fc, Chealsea Fc, Liverpool Fc, Arsenal Fc, Manchester City Fc , Everton, Tottenham Hotspur

Who is better Liverpool FC or Manchester City?

In Europe, Liverpool are the better side but in England, United are better. United have 19 BPL trophies compared to Liverpool's 18

Who has more troWho has more trophies Liverpool FC or Manchester United?

Liverpool as of March 2012

What is Manchester United's rival?

Our most bitter rivalry is with Liverpool FC Our derby rivalry is with Manchester City FC We also have a big rival match with Arsenal FC Liverpool is the one with the most hate in it though

What was the score on Sunday 6th march when Liverpool beat Manchester united?

3-1 to Liverpool FC

Who won the 2008 premiership Liverpool or man utd?

Manchester United FC

Who is better Glasgow Celtic Fc or Manchester United?

Manchester utd