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Kevin Durant is better because he averages 30.1 points a game. Kobe Bryant averages 27.0 points a game.

Kobe Bryant i think is better because Kevin durant has to score that much to save his team, Kobe Bryant has more offense and is a lot better in the clutch, he can score when he is in the paint, run to the basket, shoot the three, and Kevin durant scores 9 points from the free throw line, from his thirty points, and Kobe played with a broken finger and still averaged double assists, but Kevin durant will soon be a future MVP, and get better as his career goes on, so this is the good thing about durant, and he will score maybe like Michael Jordan, and Kobe is pat his prime, but these are the pro's and con's

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In my opinion, Kobe is Top 5 all time and the best player in the league right now.

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Q: Who is better Kevin durant or Kobe Bryant?
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Who is better Kobe or Kevin durant?

Kevin durant is better than Dwayne wade and Kobe Bryant

Who better Kobe bryant or kevin durant?

In my opinion, Kobe is Top 5 all time and the best player in the league right now.

Is kobe better than kevin durant?


Is kevin Durant better than kobe bryant?

Well first of all, Kevin Durant is much younger than Kobe, by ten years. Kobe has gotten old, and doesn't have the skill he had when he was young. For example, dunking. Kobe can no longer dunk now that he is older. I believe he had lost skill because of age. If Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant were the same age, skill could be classified, and I would be able to completely answer your question with statistics, and how they play. Hope this was helpful.

What three NBA stars are the richest?

Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant

Does Kobe Bryant got MVP award?

He should but frankly Kevin Durant will probably win it.

Who is the second best in nba?

1. Dwyane Wade 2. LeBron James 3. Kobe Bryant 4. Kevin Durant 5. Carmelo Anthony

Who is better Kobe Bryant or Kevin Garnett?

Kobe Bryant. It is very obvious. The top 2 players are lebron and Kobe

Who will make the US Olympics?

Kobe Bryant Kevin Durant Carmelo Anthony LeBron James Tyson Chandler

Who is is the best clutch shooter in the NBA?

The best clutch shooter in the NBA is either Kobe Bryant or Kevin Durant

Who are the best 5 players in the nba?

Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, and Derrick Rose

Which is better Kobe 6 or kd 3 shoes?

Kevin Durant 3 shoes