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Jerry Rice

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Q: Who is better Jerry Rice or Larry Fitzgerald?
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Who is better randy moss or Jerry rice?

Jerry Rice

Who is better than Jerry Rice?

If you can think of one, there is none.

What is Jerry Rice's middle name?

Jerry rice's middle name is Lee. Jerry Lee Rice.

Who has the most touchdowns in history?

Jerry Rice with 207 receiving TDs Emmitt Smith with 175 Rushing TDs and Brett Favre with 497 passing TDs

Who is the best wr?

1.Randy Moss 2.Andre Johnson 3.Larry Fitzjarald 4.Brandon Marshall 5.Jerry Rice

When was Jerry Rice Award created?

Jerry Rice Award was created in 2011.

What is Jerry Rice's birthday?

Jerry Rice was born on October 13, 1962.

Why is Jerry rice an important African American?

Jerry Rice is white, you idiot.

Who is Jerry rice known as?

Jerry Rice is known as a major football player!

How is the best football player in the world?

Tom Brady is the current best. Peyton manning is up there but he is injured Other greats are Aaron Rogers, Adrian Peterson, Larry Fitzgerald ect. Of all time there are many greats including Walter Peyton, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders, and many many more.

What is the net worth of Jerry rice?

Net worth of Jerry Rice is $25 Million.

Who are the greatest football players in the US?

Micheal Strahan, Jerry Rice, Roger Staubauch, Ray Lewis, Barry Sanders, Walter Payton, Larry Czonka