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Greg Jennings is the new Driver! :D

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Q: Who is better Donald driver or greg jennings?
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Who played football longer Donald Driver or Greg Jennings?

Donald Driver has been playing football longer. Driver was drafted in 1999 and Greg Jennings was drafted in 2006.

Is there any Green Bay packer christians?

Yes Iv'e looked and I found so far is Brandon Jackson, James Jones, Greg Jennings, Aaron Rodgers, and Donald Driver

How old is Greg Jennings?

Greg Jennings is 28 years old!

When was Greg Jennings born?

Greg Jennings was born on 1983-09-21.

How tall is Greg Jennings?

NFL player Greg Jennings is 6'-01''.

Who are Brandon jennings cousins?

greg jennings

Is Greg Jennings related to Ken Jennings?


What NFL team does Greg Jennings play for?

Greg Jennings plays for the Minnesota Vikings.

Who is Greg Jennings of Restless Heart married to?

yes Greg Jennings is happily Married.

Did Greg Jennings go to college?

Yes. Greg Jennings went to Western Michigan University.

Is greg jennings and Brandon jennings brothers?

no, they are 2nd cousins

What team did Greg Jennings go to in 2013?

Greg Jennings signed a 5-year contract with the Minnesota Vikings