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Q: Who is better Dan Marino or Brett Favre?
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Who hold more records in the nfl Brett Favre or Dan Marino?

brett favre

Who are the 3 best qbs of all time?

John Elway Brett Favre Dan Marino

Career passing yardage record holder before Favre?

Brett Favre broke the career passing yardage record of Dan Marino. As of the end of the 2007 season, Favre has 61,657 career passing yards. Marino ended his career with 61,361.

Best quarter back?

1. Joe Montana 2. Steve Young 3. Brett Favre 4. Dan Marino 5. Dan Fouts

How is the GOAT Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Dan Marino, Brett Favre, or Peyton Manning?

Drew Brees

Who has the most all time touchdowns in the nfl?

Brett Favre beat Dan Marino's all time passing touchdown record recently.

Does Brett Favre have the most passing yards?

Yes as of May 22nd he has 69,329 career passing yards. Dan Marino is 2nd with 61,361 yards.

What is the value of a football autographed by Steve young dan marino Troy Aikman Brett favre and Jim kelly and it comes with certificate of aunthenticity?


What player has 100 plus touchdown passes?

Brett Favre,Dan Marino,John Elway ....geez alot do actually but here is a few easy one to start you off

Who holds the NFL record for most completed passes thrown?

Through the 2010 season, that would be Brett Favre with 6,300. Second is Dan Marino with 4,967. Favre officially filed his retirement papers with the NFL on January 17, 2011.

What quarterback has the most 4 touchdown games in NFL history?

favre and marino are tied

Is Brett Favre better than Dan Marino?

Arguably yes.In statistical terms, they both had spectacular careers - although Favre's career numbers are higher, he also played longer than Marino (at equal points in their careers, Marino was ahead). Marino still holds several key single season passing records (including most passing yards in a season), and although his single season touchdown record has been broken, it is still higher than Favre has ever thrown for in a single season.However, Marino never won an NFL MVP whereas Favre won three. Marino also never won a Superbowl, whereas Favre won one, and has a fair shot at winning a second one this year with Minnesota.