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Cristiano Ronaldo for now, Neymar will be soon Neymar's only 19

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Q: Who is better Cristiano ronaldo or neymar?
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What does neymar say?

neymar say that Messi is better than Cristiano Ronaldo

Who is the best soccer player neymar or Cristiano Ronaldo?

Neymar is a better soccer player than cristiano ronaldo,because he has more skill,technic and quickness,on top of that neymar has a much better attitude towards oponents and team mates than ronaldo

Is neymar better than ronaldo?

In my opinion, I think that Ronaldo is a bit better than Neymar. Even though Neymar is a Brazilian superstar, He has some work to do to catch up with the Portuguese football legend, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Who is better Cristiano Ronaldo or Barry?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Who is better Samir Nasri or Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Who is better at soccer Ronaldo or neymar?

I think neymar is better at jukes but Ronaldo is way faster so it kind of depends

Who is better form Lionel messi and Cristiano Ronaldo?

For me, it is Cristiano Ronaldo.

Who is better chicharito or Cristiano ronaldo?

Cristiano ronaldo he has more experience

Who are better players Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel messi?

Messi is better than Cristiano Ronaldo.

Who is the four best footballers in the world?

Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Iniesta

Is ronaldo better than Cristiano Ronaldo?

yes he is the best forever Cristiano ronaldo cannot out pace him

Who is better Wayne Rooney or Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo. World player of the year.

Who is better or Cristiano Ronaldo?

The question is not at all clear, is Ronaldo better then who?

Who is better kaka or christiano ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo.

Who is better Cristiano Ronaldo or Fernando Torres?

CRISTIANO RONALDO!!!!! hot and good at soccer

Is Cristiano Ronaldo better then mario Gomez?

It depends who you are asking (Ronaldo fan or Gomez fan) For me, I prefer Cristiano Ronaldo. :)

Who is the best footballer and will stay the best in the world?

C.ronaldo is the best

Who is better ronaldinho or cris ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo is far better than Ronaldinho.

Who is better Cristiano Ronaldo or Kakรก?

Cristiano Ronaldo. Kaka didn't have a good season at all with Real Madrid.

Who is better Lionel Messi or Cristiano ronaldo 2012?

Cristiano ronaldp

Is Luis Suarez better than Christiano Ronaldo?

Luis Suarez is better than Cristiano Ronaldo,because Suarez is fast,clever and he plays for his team the opposite of Cristiano Ronaldo which is selfish.

Who is better than beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo?

there are couple who are better then beckham like wanye rooney gerrard but the is just 1 man better then cristiano ronaldo that is LEONEL MESSI

Is ricardo quaresma better than Cristiano Ronaldo?

No, Cristiano ronaldo's foot skills and speed greatly out weigh Ricardo's

Is Lionel Messi better than Cristiano Ronaldo?

Yes, Messi is better than Ronaldo.

Who is better Cristiano Ronaldo or kaka?

It is Christiano ronaldo , he broke the Spanish record.