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Ownes according to stats. I can't stand the guy but his stats do speak for them-self.

9 - 1,000 yard seasons

8 - 10 Plus touchdown seasons

Over 1,000 receptions in his career

Over 14,000 receiving yards

Over 140 TD's

Ochocinco or Chad Johnson has time to catch him but as of right now Owens is better

7 - 1,000 yard seasons

1 - 10 Plus touchdown season

Over 600 receptions in his career

Almost 10,000 receiving yards

Over 60 TD's

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Q: Who is better Chad Ochocinco or terrell Owens?
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Who is better Chad Ochocinco or reggie Wayne?

Reggie Wayne

What is Chad Ochocinco's birthday?

Chad Ochocinco was born on January 9, 1978.

Who is better randy moss or Chad Ochocinco?

Randy moss of course

What was Chad Ochocinco's real name?

His real name is Chad Javon Johnson Ochocinco.

Are the Bengals really getting Terrell Owens?

There is a good chance they will but don't count on it. Two big mouthed receivers (Chad Ochocinco) on the same team especially the same position could cause a wild controversy between the two and perhaps the whole team. The Bengals should also consider his age and his ability to still create plays. Chances of the Bengals getting Terrell Owens: 51%

What college chad ochocinco went to?

Chad Ochocinco attend Orgegon State University

Where was Chad Ochocinco born?

Chad Ochocinco was born in Miami, Florida, United States.

What teams has Chad Ochocinco played for?

Ochocinco was recently traded to the New England Patriots.

What kind of car does Chad Ochocinco drive?

a lambergini

What is Chad ochocinco's last name?

Ochocinco. He legally changed his name. Before that his name was Chad Johnson.

How old is Chad Ochocinco?

Chad Ochocinco is 33 years old (birthdate: January 9, 1978).

What is chad ochocinco's religion?

Chad Ochocinco, formerly known as Chad Johnson, has stated that he is a Christian and has attributed his success in football to his faith.