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Birmingham City all the way

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Q: Who is better Birmingham city or Aston villa?
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How many times have Aston Villa beat Birmingham City?

Aston villa have won against Birmingham city 46 times.

Who is Aston villa's rival?

Birmingham City

What city do Aston vlla play in?

Aston Villa play in the city of Birmingham.

Which city does the football team Aston Villa come from?

Aston Villa are based in Witton, Birmingham.

Who is the main rival of Aston Villa?

birmingham city

Are birmingham city good?

BIMINGHAM are sooo bad they are not in the prem an ASTON VILLA are a lot better ASTON VILLA:5v1:BIMINGHAM ...tipical vile ...there is a R in BIRMINGHAM! villa arnt real Brummys! end of

In which country do Aston Villa play football?

Aston Villa is a football club in the city of Birmingham in England.

How does English city have a football team Aston villa?


Who moved from Birmingham City football club to Aston Villa?


What is the biggest rivalry in the epl?

Birmingham City - Aston Villa Manchester United - Manchester City Chelsea - West Ham United Arsenal - Tottenham My opinion: Birmingham City - Aston Villa

Is Ron Saunders the only person to have managed Aston Villa and Birmingham City?

2 People Have Managed Both Aston Villa And Birmingham City: Ron Saunders and Alex McLeish.

Who is the main rival of Birmingham City FC?

Aston villa both teams are based in Birmingham

Which players have scored for both Aston Villa and Birmingham City?

They are Emile Heskey and.

Who is better Aston villa or man city?

man city

Are villa better than blues?

Aston are better than Birmingham City,theyve never been relagated from the premiership. And have won more honours.

Who is the best football team Aston villa or Manchester city?

Aston villa are far better. masnchester city have mainly money.

Are Aston villa better than Birmingham city?

Yes of course!!! Villa have won 21 major trophies and blues have won just a tiny little 1

Name the players who have played for Birmingham city and Aston villa in the premiership?

david,kanash,david villa, ashely young

How many goals have Birmingham City scored against Aston Villa?

100 in 3 years

Who is the best football team Birmingham city or Aston Villa?

Aston villa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the best players are gabby Richard dunne and Stewart downing come on up the villa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is old now!!!! ANDREAS WIEMANN!!!!

Who has played football for Aston villa Birmingham city west bromwich albion and wolves?

Kevin Phillips

Why do Aston villa hate brimingham city?

because they are in the same city and they are arch rivals.I don't see why Aston villa hate the blues because they are not a threat. Aston Villa are better than Blues because they are in a higher division!

What is the nearest premier league football team from gloucester?

The nearest ground will be in Birmingham, so it could be either Aston Villa or Birmingham City.

Why is birmingham city so unbeatable?

they are better than villa any day and villa suck

How many premiership clubs has emile heskey played for?

5: Leicester City, Liverpool, Birmingham City, Wigan Athletic, Aston Villa.