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Bigshow is better than Kane

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Undertaker by a lot

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Q: Who is better 'big show or undertaker'?
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Who won undertaker or big show?

the undertaker

Who won the Punjabi prison match big show undertaker?

It was undertaker but he nearly let big show win because he broke the gate and the big show got out seconds after undertaker.

Who won the casket match big show or the undertaker?


Did Undertaker or Big Show win in 1999?

The WinnerIt was the legendary Undertaker who defeated the world's largest athlete Big Show in 1999.

When is undertaker coming back from that match vs the big show?

Yes the Undertaker is coming back verses the Big show very soon.

Was Undertaker at WWE Unforgiven 2008?

The Undertaker was at Unforgiven and was destroyed by The Big Show.

Is The Big Show and Undertaker friends?


Who is stronger undertaker or bigshow?

As of February 2011,big show's weight is billed as 485 lbs and Andre the giant was 500lbs so Andre the giant was larger

Are undertaker and big show really cousins?

No, They are not cousins.

Is undertaker taller than the Kane?

he is taller than the undertaker.But the undertaker defeated him.Big show is taller than Kane and Kane defeated big show (Paul Wight).Great khali is taller than big show but big show weighs more.Big show defeated great khali.

Who is stronger Triple H or undertaker in wwe?

same because undertaker lifts big show and khali but triple h lifts 450lbs bench press which is big show weight triple h has lifted big show up for the spine buster or pedigree and undertaker tombstone on mark Henry

When did the Undertaker attack Big Show and his manager?

15 times