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the best footballer ever was Edson Pele. He scored more than 1000 goals in his career.

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Q: Who is best footballer ever?
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What is kakas dream?

It is to be the best footballer ever.

Who is world's best footballer ever?


Best footballer ever?

Diego maradona or Pele

Who is the best ever African footballer?

Dider Drogba

Who is the best looking footballer ever?

Joe Hart

Was BECK AM ever world best player?

No he was never the best footballer.

Whos the best footballer ever?

It depends on peoples opinions .

Who is the best man utd footballer ever?

Eric Cantona

Who is the the best footballer ever?

Pele (Edson Arantes) by a mile.

Is Wayne Rooney the best ever footballer in the world?

no he isn't

Why is ranaldo famous?

ranaldo is famous because he is the best footballer ever

Is messi the best footballl worldwide?

messi is the best footballer ever but Ronaldo Is more recognise

What is emile heskey PERS rating?

99 and that means he is the best footballer ever

Was Frank Lampard ever the second best footballer in the world?

Yes in 2005.

Has messi ever been the best player in the world?

Yes Lionel Messi has won the Europen footballer of the year and the F.I.F.A footballer of the year.

Who is the best french footballer ever?

zinedine zidane, franck ribery or florent malouda

Is rhonaldhino better then Pele?

no because Pele is the best footballer to ever walk on earth

Who is el niรฑo is he a spanish footballer?

Yes and he is Fernando Torres the best player ever

How tall was the tallest footballer ever?

The tallest footballer is 2.10m

Who is the best Gaelic footballer in the world?

Peter canavan From Errigal County Tyrone N.Ireland was known as the best footballer he won his county the first all Ireland ever!(and second and third)

Who is the crappiest footballer ever?

CESC FABREGAS is the worst footballer an crappiest ever in the whole wide world and loads of people agree on that, an LIONEL MESSI is the bestest footballer ever

Is the old ronaldo best player in history of football?

Let us not take anything from him, but Pele is the best footballer ever.

Is Josh Darly The Best Footballer Ever?

yes he is the best at whittington c of e primary school by matthew collins

Who was the best footballer in 1995?

In the year the best footballer was Ronaldo from Brazil.

Who was the best French footballer?

terry Henry is the best french footballer