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Yankees outfielder Reggie Jackson of the New York Yankees was nicknamed "Mr. October" for his clutch power hitting during 1977 World Series games (always played at the end of the Baseball season, in October when he hit three home runs in three consecutive at-bats and carried a .450 average.

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Q: Who is baseball's Mr. October?
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What was Mr October's First name?

Mr October's real name is Reggie Jackson.

Who has the nickname Mr. October?

The baseball player, Reggie Jackson uses the nickname of Mr. October.

What baseball player is nicknamed Mr. October?

Reggie Jackson is nicknamed Mr. October.

Who had the nickname Mr October?

Mr. October was the Yankee great, Reggie JacksonReggie Jackson.

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What major league slugger was nicknamed Mr October?

Reggie Jackson is the Major League Baseball Slugger that was nicknamed Mr. October.

Which New York Yankee was called Mr. May?

George Steinbrenner said once of Dave Winfield "I got rid of Mr. October and got Mr. May.". Reggie Jackson was Mr. October. Dave Winfield became Mr. May.

Why was Reggie Jackson called Mr October?

because the post seaon is in october and he did better than any body else thats why they call him Mr. October

Who is real name was Mr October?

Reginald Martinez Jackson (Reggi Jackson), nicknamed "Mr. October" for his clutch hitting in the postseason

Who earned the nickname Mr October for his World Series play?

Reggie Jackson is the baseball player that earned the nickname of Mr. October for his World Series play.

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Why they called Reggi Jackson Mr October?

The postseason is in October, and Reggie Jackson did well in the postseason.

What was Mr October?

Reggie Jackson

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Who has the nickname Mr October?

reggie Jackson

Who was nicknamed Mr october?

reggie Jackson

Who is nickname is Mr October?

Reggie Jackson

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Who nickname is mr. october?

Reggie Jackson

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