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7 is their highest score ever.

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Q: Who is arsenal's highest soccerer ever?
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What is is arsenals highest transfer fee?

Arsenal dont spend heavily on players, so the highest ever spent is on Anderi Arshavan

Who is arsenals longest serving player?

tony Adams was arsenals longest serving player ever but in the current team its fabregas

How much does Fabregas earn per week in Arsenal?

At te moment Cesc Fabregas is arsenals highest paid footballer ever, I twould say he gets 130 to 150 thousand pounds a week.

Who is Arsenal's highest paid player in 2009?

Arsenals highest paid player in 2009 is adeybayor

What is arsenals highest score line in champions league?

They reached finals in season 2005/2006 which they lost from Barcelona.

Who scored Arsenals first ever Champions League goal?

thierry Henry

What is arsenals greatest score ever?

Thierry Henry is the arsenal's top goal scorer with 228 goals.

What is arsenals tadium name?

Arsenals stadium is called the emirate stadium.

Where is arsenals eduardo from?


What is Arsenals capicity?


What is the antonym for football?

Well there is American football. The most opposite is basketball though. It would make more since.

Who makes arsenals kit?