Who is apirana ngata?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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  • Apirana was the first moari to become the prime minister of New Zealand. It is believed that Sir Apirana Ngata was instrumental in the first ever waiata-a-ringa, and he has become known as 'Father of the action song'
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Q: Who is apirana ngata?
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Who did apirana ngata married?

Sir Apirana Ngata married Arihia Kane Tamati in 1895

Why Apirana Ngata became the maori king?

Sir Apirana Ngata was never a Maori king.

Who are apirana ngatas parents?

Arihia Kane Ngata and Paratene Ngata:)

How old was apirana ngata when he died?


What were the deeds that apirana ngata did?

it was good i think.

Who is on the newzealand 50 note?

Sir Apirana Ngata

Who was Sir Apirana Turupa Ngata?

he was the first maori polition

When was Apirana Ngata born?

Bout 1 second ago..

How Old is sir apirana ngata?

Mate he's dead

Who was the first maori who graduated from university?

Sir Apirana Ngata.

Who was first maori to get university degree in nz?

Sir Apirana Ngata.

How many children of sir apirana ngata died?

probably two