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Yes they do. But I do not think it's a very smart idea if you do because they have heaps of side effects such as: Sterility Premature ossification Aggressiveness Acne

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Alex Rodriquez is a athlete who took illegal steroids

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ALMOST everyone DUAH

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Q: Who is an athlete who has used steriods?
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How Does Steroids Refer To The Physical Attributes of an Athlete?

Steriods can help you recover from an injury faster an dmake you stronger.. You should never take steriods unless they are prescribed to you.

How many Olympians used steriods?

How many players or athletes use steriods. How many players or athletes use steriods.

When was steriods made?

there are steriods in your body but muscle building steriods was made by a scientist named Ruzicka and Berthold during 1929 Nazis used steriods to give them a boost.Pokemon diamond Game boy color

How is steriods used?

Ask Charlie Sheen

Is steriods bad for you?

Its hard to say. there hasn't been any real tests done to confirm but every athlete takes them and it doesn't make you go nuts.

How is gas mileage affected by the type of gasoline used?


What are some athletes who have used steriods?

Ronnie Coleman, Arny Schwertz

How can steriods effect children in a good way?

can steriods kill children can steriods kill children

Why are sport men prohibited to use steriods?

Because steroids are used to stimulate the body and enhance performance and this is considered cheating as well as dangerous because steroids have dangerous side effects. Any athlete caught using steroids can immediately be placed under suspension.

Which famous athlete has used drug?

Lyle Alzado, Played in the NFL for the Broncos, Browns and Raiders. He died of a brain tumor in 1992 at 43 years of age. Alzado blamed his many years of steroid use for causing the tumor that eventually killed him.

Are anabolic supplements steroids?

yes steriods are called anabolic steriods but they usually just use the name steriods

Does Miley Cyrus do steriods?

No, Miley Cyrus does not take steriods.