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An NBA player is a professional basketball player. Some examples of NBA players include LeBron James, Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan.

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Q: Who is an NBA player?
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Who is the player on the NBA sign?

The NBA player on the NBA logo is Jerry West.

Who is the oldes player still playing in the NBA?

Who is the oldest player in the nba

Who is the weakest player in the NBA?

Anthony Davis is the weakest NBA player

What is the most grammatically correct way of describing an NBA player in the NBA of the NBA or with the NBA?

In the NBA.

Which nba player has won the nba mvp the nba finals mvp and the nba defensive player of the year award in the same year?

Hakeem Olajuwon - 1994

Who is paid more a doctor or the the highest paid nba player?

the nba player

Who is the most famous NBA player?

michael jordan is the most famous nba player

Who is the highest NBA player?

Kevin Garnett is the current highest paid player in the NBA.

What are the education requirements of becoming a NBA player?

There are no education requirements for becoming an NBA player.

Biggest player in NBA history?

Manute Bol is the biggest player in NBA history.

WHO IS The smallest in NBA?

The shortest player in the NBA is Earl Boykins, a player for the Washington wizards

What college did NBA player Will Barton play for?

NBA player Will Barton played for Memphis.

Richest NBA player?

AS of November 2014, the richest NBA player is LeBron James.

Who is the smallest NBA player in today?

Earl Boykins is the smallest player in the NBA as of right now. He is 5'5''. He plays for the Washington Wizards in the NBA.

Is there a player named mark hadden in the NBA and old NBA player?

No, I'm afraid there isn't.

Shortest active NBA player?

The shortest active NBA player is Earl Boykins at 5'5.

Who is the best player of all-time NBA?

the all time player in the nba is Kobe Bryant

Was Kobe the youngest player in the NBA in1996?

Yes Kobe was the youngest player in the NBA in 1996

Who is the best player in the NBA at this time?

Carmelo Anthony is the best player in the NBA right now

How much does an average NBA player weigh?

The average weight of an NBA player is 230 pounds.

What college did NBA player Will Bynum play for?

NBA player Will Bynum played for Georgia Tech.

Who is the shortest player ever play in the NBA?

At 5'3", Muggsy Bogues is the shortest player ever to play in the NBA.

Who was the black basketball player in the NBA?

90% of the NBA

What does an NBA rookie make?

A nba player who has been in the nba for less than a year

Which NBA player goes by the nickname The Chairman?

There is a NBA player that goes by the nickname The Chairman of the Board and not The Chairman. The player is Moses Malone.