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Current famous NZ Netball Players are: Casey Williams, Irene Van Dyk, Laura Langman and Maria Tuataia. NZ Netball greats, (in my opinion) are: Julie Seymour, Sandra Edge, Bernice Mene

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Q: Who is a famous newzealand player netball?
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What is the famous sport in newzealand?

There are a lot of famous sports in New Zealand such as rugby, cricket,soccer, netball and basketball.

What country was netball found in?


Who won the last commonwealth games for netball?

Newzealand came first netball

Who is the most famous lady netball player?

irene van dyk is the most famous lady netball player

What is the name for newzealand netball team?

They are called the 'Silver Ferns'

What is the name for the Newzealand netball team?

They are call the 'Silver Ferns'

Is Maria Tusia the famous netball player?


What made maria tutaia famous?

She is famous for being a netball player

Who is the most famous netball player in Germany?

Mikhael kroon

Who is the most famous netball player?

i think maria tutia shes really famous to me

Who is a famous Netball Leader?

netball famous leaders ?

Who is a famous netball player in sydney swifts?

Mo'onia Gerard - she plays Goal Defence (GD) and Wing Defence (WD) - she may not be the most famous netball player ever but she is famous in the Swifts. Hope this helped.

What is the most famous food in newzealand?


What is the force in a netball?

the force is a team in newzealand representing their towing in the anz championship and previously the national bank cup

Who is famous citizen in newzealand?

sir Edmund Hilary

What is Irene Van dyk famous for?

she is the best netball player and is the best shooter in netball in New Zealand and shes cool DAR pretty obvious!

Famous English netball player?

England has many famous netball players. Sonia Mkyloma. Louisa Brownfield. Pamela Cookey. Giva Mentor. Also Sydnie Kendall and Jess Walsh

When would a player in netball take an advantage?

When the netball player wants to

What is the most famous netball team in the world?

Whats the most famous netball team in the world

Is Irene van Dyk a famous Netball player in Australia?

yes! she is famous in Australia and all over the world for playing GA/GS. she is an excellent player.

What is Rachel Dunn famous for?

Rachel Dunn is an international netball player from England. She is most known for playing for the England National netball team, winning a silver medal at the 2010 World Netball Series.

Who is a famous female Newzealand Opera Singer?

i think schweik

Who is famous and loves netball?

The Aussie Netball Team and the Silver Ferns

In netball where can wing defence player go to?

In netball where can wing defence player go to?

Is Liz Ellis a famous swimmer?

Liz Ellis isn't a famous swimmer she is a netball player. But i think she likes to swim in her spare time.