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Almunia, hes faster, stronger and has scored 1000 goals (own goals)

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โˆ™ 2011-11-15 07:34:37
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Q: Who is a better striker Manuel Almunia or Lionel Messi?
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What is better ray striker or flame Libra?

Ray Striker.

Is Flame Libra better than Ray Striker?

No. Flame libra is not better than ray striker.

Who is the better striker Voronin or Pepe Reina?

Andrey Voronin is a better striker naturally, Reina is a very good goalkeeper.

Is christiano ronaldo better than Lionel messi?

In my opinion Lionel Messi is better.

What is better Bakugan or battle striker?

bakugan is better. by splendora

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Ray Striker, because on his stats Ray Striker has more attacks than Gravity Destroyer

Who is better Lionel messi or christiano ronaldo?

Lionel messi

Who is better Cristiano Ronaldo or lione messi?

Lionel Messi is better

Is ray striker better than flame byxis?

Yes, Because Ray Striker has more attacks than Flame Byxis on his stats.

Who is better player - van Persie or Higuain?

Gonzalo Higuain is a better striker then Robin Van Persie.

Who is better Lionel messi or cristnow ronaldo?


Is lionel messi better then Cristiano Ronaldo?

their are the same

Who is better david villa or Lionel messi?


Who is better Pele or Lionel Messi?

it is an hard answer but messi is

Is Lionel messi better then javier hernadez?


Is Cristiano ronaldo better than Lionel messi?

lionel messi is miles better number 1 messi never lets the team down does ronaldo

Who is the best boy soccer player in the world?

goalkeeper- Manuel Neur defender- Ksnorbo midfielder- Cristiano Ronaldo forward-Lionel messi best player Lionel messi isn't that a matter of opionion? cant someone else, maybe the next day or month, become better than those guys?

Which is better lightning l drago or ray striker?

Ray Striker, because its performance tip has balance than lightning l drago's performance tip.

Who is better Ronaldo or Rooney?

Rooney Rooney has scored way more goal than Roaldo and his a striker + better.

Is Lionel messi better or Thierry Henry?

Undoubtedly Messi

Who is better leinol messi or christiano rinaldo?

Lionel messi

Who is better than saeed cheraghi at football?

Lionel Messi

Who is better messi or dvilla?

It is Lionel Messi any day.

How do you be a better football player than Lionel messi?

By practice

Who is better xavi or Ronaldinho?

You must remember they play at two different positions, midfielder that is Xavi and ronoldhino is a striker , Xavj passing is 80 percent accurate, ronoldhino has to score goals, that is different . At Barcelona Xavi pases and Lionel Messi scores sacks of goals.