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pirlo is much better than xavi. You cant even compare.

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Q: Who is a better soccer player pirlo or xavi?
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Who is the best centre midfield player in soccer?

They are Gerrard,Xavi,Fabregas,kaka,Iniesta,cristiano ronaldo,Pirlo.

What soccer player's first name is Xavi?

Midfielder Xavier (Xavi) hernandez. Former FC Barcelona player and captain and Spanish international player.

Who are the top ten soccer middle fielders in the world?

Xavi iniesta ozil silva di maria lampard gerrard alonso pirlo Fabregas not mentioning messi or ronaldo

Is there a soccer player that name starts with x?

xavi from fc barcelona

Which soccer player has the most assists?

To me it is xavi Hernandez of Barcelona and spain.

Who is better xavi or Fabregas?

Difficult question. I would say Xavi is better, but Fabregas is also a great player.

Famous soccer player wear number 6?

Xavi Marcelo and Iniesta

Is there a soccer player whose last name starts with letter X?


Who is the best Euro player?

Goalie:Casillas Defender:Ramos,De Rossi,Pique and Lahm Midfielder:Andres Iniesta,Andrea Pirlo,Xavi,Alonso and Ozil Forwards:Torres,Balotelli,Klose,Ronaldo and Silva.

Who is the best socccer player?

This year, 2011, Messi is the best soccer player decided by Fifa, second is Xavi, and theirly Aniesta.

Is there a soccer player beginning with x?

yeah dude there is Xavi Alonso,Xabi.....these are the 2 i noe both are spanish

What player gets the ball the most in soccer?

It really depends. Usually a central midfielder would be a good passer and calm with the ball. The ability to spot a pass or simply hold posession of the ball is a good quality to have. Examples of this type of player are Xabi Alonso, Xavi, Pirlo. Most European soccer teams will have a player of this type in the team as they keep attacks moving and can really open up a defence with a good pass for more attacking players.

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