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it depends if it is super cross or Motocross if it was super cross defiantly McGrath and for motocross it has to be Carmichael. But all together it would be Ricky Carmichael all the way. He'd win 9 times out of 10.

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โˆ™ 2012-03-19 19:04:01
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Q: Who is a better racer ricky carmichael or Jeremy mcgrath?
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Who is the best motocross racer in history?

Jeremy Mcgrath

Who is the fastest motor cross racer?

Jeremy Mcgrath

Who is the greatest motocross racer of all time?

''The King Of Supercross'' Jeremy ''Showtime'' Mcgrath.He won seven supercross championships in a row and a large amount of motocross nationals in his illustrious career.He would get so far out in front in his races that he would do tricks to entertain the fans and not have to worry about getting passed.Ricky Carmichael is also a good racer who has won five supercross championships and numerous motocross nationals championships.He is a very good rider but has not held as many championships as Mcgrath.So in championships and all around talent Jeremy Mcgrath is the best motocross/supercross racer of all time.There have beeen many arguements about who is the best but championship and wins wise Mcgrath is a better racer.

Who is the best Motocross Racer in the World?

Ricky Carmichael

Who is the all time best motocross racer?

Ricky Carmichael

How old is Ricky Carmichael?

Motocross racer Ricky Carmichael is 38 years old (birthdate: November 27, 1979).

Where was ricky carmichael born?

Ricky Carmichael is a famous American motocross racer, winner of many titles in his specialty. He was born in Clearwater, Florida, on November 29, 1979.

Does ricky carmichael like to go fast?

He is a pro motocross racer. Obviously he like to go fast.

What is Ricky Carmichael best known for?

Ricky Carmichael is a Motocross racer, who is currently racing in the NASCAR circuit. Due to his success, his given nickname is "The GOAT" which stands for The Greatest of All Time.

Who is the best dirt bike racer in history?

Ricky Carmichael is an undefeated 15 time dirt bike champion.

Who is a better racer chad reed or travis pastrana?

Pastrana is a better freestlyer then chad and chad is prob better racer then Trav

How did Freestyle Motocross start?

Many people credit Jeremy McGrath the great Supercross racer with the emergence of freestyle motocross. McGrath's bmx trick ("Nac-Nac") performed on a motorcycle was the first formerly named trick to be performed during a motocross race before freestyle motocross existed as anything more than a grass roots effort during the early to mid 1990's.

Is ricky carmichael undefeatable?

No racer is undefeatable, there are too many variables that come into play in a race. No one can overcome all of those variables (some out of your control) every race.

Who is faster James Stewart or Ricky Carmichael?

CARMICHAEL dude. Stewart is pretty good but Carmichael is so much higher up and advanced. Carmichael will always be the GOAT, and NO1, even Stewart, will ever be near as good as Carmichael. I mean i definatly give Stewart props on last season and an INSAIN comeback after that knee injury, but Carmichael still has every racer EVER toped in record wins. It was a HUGE 'Comp' loss to the sport but since Carmichaels retirment Stewart has Definatly dominated Outdoor Motocross '08 season and now hes done REALY well in the '09 super cross season. Stewart is one of the top riders at the moment, but like i said, Carmichael will always be THE G.O.A.T.

Who is the best motocross racer in the US?

Ricky Carmichael is the GOAT (Greatest of all Time) when it comes to motocross. He is the current record holder of the most championship titles throughout a racing career.

Who is a better racer Tony Stewart or Jeff Gordon?

Tony Stewart

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Will Jeremy stenberg help you trian so you can be a freestyle motocross racer again?

Probably not at this time, he has a full time riding career to focus on now.

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How do you be a motocross racer?

Practise and practise. Push your self and you will get better and better and then you enter motocross races and if you are good you could get sponsored.

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