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Fabrice Santoro

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Q: Who is a French tennis player that has recently retired?
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Who is a Female French tennis player that has recently retired?

Justine Henin

Who is a tennis player that has recently retired?

Martin Vevkerk

What does yannick Noah do all day?

Yannick Noah was a French tennis player. He is now retired and does what retired people do.

Which sport is associated with the Tim henman?

He is a retired British Tennis player

Who is the worlds shortest pro tennis player?

Definitely Olivier Rochus on the men's being only I think 5'5 Justine Henin (recently retired) was only 5'4

Is Elena Dementieva a retired Russian tennis player?

"Yes, Elena Dementieva is a retired Russian tennis player. The highlight of her career was winning the gold medal at the 2008 Bejing Olympics in women's singles tennis. She retired on October 29, 2010, positioned at number 9 in the world."

Is Jo Wilfred Tsonga a french player?

Yes, he is a French Tennis Player.

Who is tennis player who recently lost her husband?

hey! thats me!

What was Eric Fromm's best result in his tennis career?

Eric Fromm is a retired tennis player from the Unites States. Fromm's best result in his tennis career was reaching the fourth round in the French Open in 1993. He was beaten by Jimmy Connors.

First name of a retired Russian tennis player and model?

Ana Kournikova

Who is a famous black french tennis player?

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is a famous black french tennnis player. Gael Monfils is also a famous black french tennis player.

Recently who is the topest tennis player?

Currently the number one men's tennis champion is Novak Djokavic.

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