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Q: Who is Top scorer in Olympics football?
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Who is Greece top scorer in football?

The top scorer in Greece football is Dean Testani and he is the center forward on AEK Athens.

Who was the top football scorer in 2008?

man u

Who was the top goal scorer when football began?

At the point when football began, until anyone scored a goal, nobody was the leading goal-scorer.

Who is top scorer at football?

Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears

Who is Africa's top goal scorer in football?

George Weah

Who is Australia's top goal scorer in international football?

damien mori

Who is the top scorer of Manchester United football club?

Christiano Ronaldo

Who is the football top English scorer in all competitions?

It is Alan Shearer.

Who was the top scorer from Slovakia in wc football 2010?

Robert Vitteck

Who was named the 2011 top scorer by the Qatar football association?

Khaled Mouftah

Who is arsenal football clubs all time top scorer?

The Arsenal all time scorer is Thierry Henry , followed by Ian Wright.

Who is the all time top scorer in football?

Pele, he scored over 1000 goals in his career