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Tedy Bruschi is a Patriots linebacker, he has been with the Patriots since his rookie season in 1996 and is considered one of the best Patriots linebackers

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Q: Who is Tedi Bruschi?
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How many super bowls has tedi bruschi played in?

Former Patriots Linebacker Tedy Bruschi has played in 5 Super Bowls. He's played in Super Bowls XXXI, XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX and XLII.

How much does Tedy Brushi earn per season?

In 2007 Tedi Bruschi signed a two year contract with the Patriots. The contract contained a $1,200,000 signing bonus. For the 2008 season, with the signing bonus, Bruschi will earn a total of $ 2,306,720. His 2008 base salary is $1,000,000 and has a $ 106,720 workout bonus. In 2009, his base salary climbs to $ 1,900,000.

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What is the birth name of Tedy Bruschi?

Tedy Bruschi's birth name is Tedy Lacap Bruschi.

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When was Pietro Bruschi born?

Pietro Bruschi was born in 1952.

How tall is Tedy Bruschi?

Tedy Bruschi is 6' 1".

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What is Tedy Bruschi's birthday?

Tedy Bruschi was born on June 9, 1973.

When was Tedy Bruschi born?

Tedy Bruschi was born on June 9, 1973.

When was Ramiro Bruschi born?

Ramiro Bruschi was born on 1981-09-05.

What nicknames does Tedy Bruschi go by?

Tedy Bruschi goes by Bru, and Ice Cold.

What team did ted bruschi play for in college?

Bruschi played his college ball at the University of Arizona.

Does teddy bruschi live in ma?

yes Tedy Bruschi lives in MA but the city is not found

When was Andrea Bruschi born?

Andrea Bruschi was born on May 1, 1968, in Genoa, Italy.

How old is Tedy Bruschi?

Tedy Bruschi is 44 years old (birthdate: June 9, 1973).