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the player that you like

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Q: Who is Silver Ferns most capped player?
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Who is the most capped player for Republic of Ireland?

The most capped Republic of Ireland player is Robbie Keane.

Who is the most capped spanish player?

The most capped Spanish football l player is Raul Gonsales.

Who is the worlds most capped rugby player?

George Gregan is the most capped rugby player of all time

Who is the second most capped Spanish football player?

The second most capped Spanish player is Xavi Hernandes.

Who is the most capped Brazil player of all time?

The most capped Brazilian footballer is Cafu.

Who is the most capped spanish player ever?

The most capped Spanish footballer is Raul Gonzales.

Who is most capped real Madrid?

Raul the former captain of Real Madrid is the most capped player.

Who is Scotland's most capped football player?

Kenny Dalglish is Scotland's most capped footballer with 102 caps.

Who is the most capped outfield player for England?

The mostr capped outfielder for England is david Beckham.

Who is the most capped player for England?

peter shilton

Who is Everton's most capped player?

pat jennings

Who is the Most capped premiership player?

Gary speed

Who is the most famous netball team?

That would be the Silver Ferns from NZ.

Most capped England footballer at international level?

The most capped England international player is Peter Shilton with 125 Caps.

Who is the most capped wallaby player ever?

George Gregan

Who is the most capped Irish soccer player?

Steve staunton

Who is the most capped player at world cup?

Andre kiriakos

Who is the most capped player at the soccer world cup?


Most capped Scottish rugby player?

Gavin Hastings

Who is England's most capped football player?

Peter Shilton.

Who is most capped English outfield player?

david beckham

Who is the most capped football player in Europe?

Vitalijs Astafjevs

Who is spain's most capped football player?

i think its torres

Who is England's most capped rugby player?

Jason Leonard

Who is England clubs most capped player?

john terry