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Personal information is not released to the public. Also we need to respect her privacy and not give out any information. Plus it is against WA policy to give this type of information out.

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โˆ™ 2008-11-01 05:50:52
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Q: Who is Shawn Johnsons boyfriend?
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What is Shawn Johnsons full name?

Shawn Machel Johnson

What is Shawn johnsons career?


What is Shawn johnsons height?

About 4'11

What is Shawn johnsons favorite food?


What is Shawn Johnsons favorite color?


Who is in Shawn Johnsons family?

Shawn Johnson is the daughter of Doug and Teri Johnson. she has no siblins.

Who is Shawn Johnsons Husband?

Shawn Johnson doesn't have a husband. She's only 19.

What is Shawn Johnsons moms name?

Teri Johnson.

What is Shawn johnsons favorite band?

rascal flatts

What is shawn Johnsons dads name?

mike johnson

What is Shawn johnsons favorite book?

to kill a mocking bird

What is Shawn Johnsons nickname?

Peanut, Bubbly and ShawnyJ on twitter

Why are Shawn Johnsons legs so big?

shawn's legs are perfect and muscualr.. she runs and does gymnastics and works out at a fitness center!

What is Shawn johnsons favorite song?

till the world ends ...britney spears

What is Shawn johnsons Yahoo Mail?

if she has a yahoo account.. it's no ones business

What jobs does Shawn johnsons parents have?

Her dad is a contractor and her mom works at a school

What is Shawn Johnsons beam dismount?

Shawn Johnson's beam dismount is a full twisting double back. I am pretty sure it is a full in back out to be exact.

Is Shawn Johnson a lesbian?

No... she has a boyfriend

Who is sam champion's boyfriend?

Shawn Bell

Does Shawn Michaels have a boyfriend?

no because he is not homosexual

Is Shawn Johnson dating mitchell musso?

No.... but she does have a boyfriend

What is Shawn johnsons religion?

I think she is christian but I cant say for sure. It says on her myspace that she is and she acts very much like she is

What happened to Shawn killinger's engagement?

Only Shawn and her ex-boyfriend know why they broke up. Anything else is speculation.

Is Ryan towe Shawn Johnson boyfriend?

He isn't her boyfriend , her boyfriend is actually Ryan Edwards. Ryan Towe is just a photographer that took pictures for them.

What was Shawn Johnsons childhood like?

shawn johnson was enrolled into gymnastics at the age of three were they noticed her advancing ahead of all the other girls. she was boen in iowa her full name is Shawn Machel Johnson and yes that is how it is spelled. she made it inti the junior international elite status on her first try!