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Q: Who is Richmond's second highest goal kicker?
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Who was the Detroit Lions field goal kicker before Jason Hanson?

Eddie Murray was the kicker for the Detroit Lions from 1980-1991, when Jason Hanson took over. Murray is the 16th highest scorer overall in the NFL.

Sport equipment starting with g?

Goal, goalie, goal keeper, goal attack, goal defence, goal shooter, goal kicker.

Who was the first Denver Broncos Field Goal Kicker?

The kicker for the 1960 Denver Broncos was Gene Mingo.

Who kicks field goals?

a feild goal kicker

What player attempts to make a field goal?

The kicker...

Who is Skip Butler college field goal kicker?


Who was the field goal kicker for 1990 Buffalo Bills?

Scott Norwood, who was the place kicker for the Bills between 1985-1991.

Who has scored the second most goals for England?

The second most highest goal scorer in England is Sir Bobby Charlton.

Who was the New York Giants field goal kicker in 1960?

In 1960, Pat Summerall was the New York Giants place kicker.

Was there a field goal kicker with clubfeet?

Yes...Tom Dempsey and he was amazing.

Miami Dolphins field goal kicker in VII was?

Garo Yepremian

What is the name of the first nfl field goal kicker?

Brett favre