Who is Ray Nikiel?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Ray Nikiel was a member of Grand Master Chong Lee's first class when he started teaching in Montreal earning his blackbelt in the first Tae Kwon Do black belt exam in Canada. Ray was also one of the first Canadians to attain the rank of Fifth Dan Master Instructor. He was Chong Lee's chief instructor for more than twenty years and during that time taught more than 50,000 students. As a competitor, Ray captained the Canadian team that dominated the competition scene during the 70's both in Canada and the US. During that time he defeated Mike Warren (once in seven attempts), Joe Hayes twice and Louis Delgado, one of the only fighters ever to defeat Chuck Norris. Ray traveled the world extensively, fighting, demonstrating, promoting and teaching Tae Kwon Do. Ray organized the historic "Battle of Champions" which featured the Canadian Team vs the USA's incredible Mike Warren, Albert Cheeks, Gerard Robbins, Tony Blanchard, Larry Lunn, and the legendary Joseph Hayes.

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Q: Who is Ray Nikiel?
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