Who is Patriots Place-kicker?

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The current place kicker for the New England Patriots is Stephen Gostkowski.

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Q: Who is Patriots Place-kicker?
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Who did Scott sisson play for in the nfl?

Scott Sisson was a placekicker for the New England Patriots in 1993 and the Minnesota Vikings in 1996.

Who is the Pittsburgh Steelers starting placekicker?

Currently, Shaun Suisham is the starting placekicker for the Steelers.

When was Jim Turner - placekicker - born?

Jim Turner - placekicker - was born on 1941-03-28.

When was Gary Anderson - placekicker - born?

Gary Anderson - placekicker - was born on 1959-07-16.

What is Robbie Gould famous for?

Robbie Gould is an American football placekicker for the Chicago Bears team. He originally belonged to the New England Patriots as an un-drafted free agent in the year 2005.

What was the oldest football player's position?

Placekicker and quarterback. George Blanda was the Oakland Raiders placekicker and backup quarterback in 1975 at the age of 48.

Who wore No. 1 for the Dallas Cowboys?

Here is a list of players who have worn No. 1 in Dallas Cowboys history: 1. Efren Herrerra, placekicker (1974, 1976-1977). 2. Rafael Septien, placekicker (1978-1986). 3. Kerry Brady, placekicker (1987). 4. Ken Willis, placekicker (1990-1991). 5. Mat McBriar, punter (2004-2011).

Who is number 18 of the Dallas Cowboys?

Placekicker David Buehler.

What does the place kicker do in football?

The placekicker is responsible for kicking field goals and extra points. In many cases, the placekicker also serves as the team's kickoff specialist and sometimes punter

Who is the oldest starting positional player in the NFL that is not a placekicker?

tony gonzalez

Who was the Pittsburgh Steelers placekicker in Super Bowl XIV?

Matt Bahr

What is formal bills placekicker Scott norwood doing now?

Insurance agent

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