Who is Oliver Veras?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Oliver Veras is a forward for CFK 00 BLACK. The best soccer team in Florida. And the 5th team in the nation.

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Q: Who is Oliver Veras?
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Who is Tia ritz?

This is the aunt of famous soccer players Diego and Oliver Veras. She is also the sister in law of Hugo Veras.

How do you say Veras in English?

Verás (with the accent) means "You will see" Veras (Without the accent) is short for "De veras" and it means "really!"

What is Jose Veras's birthday?

Jose Veras was born on October 20, 1980.

When was Jose Veras born?

Jose Veras was born on October 20, 1980.

When was Darío Veras born?

Darío Veras was born on 1973-03-13.

When was Quilvio Veras born?

Quilvio Veras was born on 1971-04-03.

When was Wilton Veras born?

Wilton Veras was born on 1978-01-19.

When was José Veras born?

José Veras was born on 1980-10-20.

When was FC Veras Nesvizh created?

FC Veras Nesvizh was created in 1995.

How tall is Jose Veras?

MLB player Jose Veras is 6'-06''.

What MLB team does Jose Veras play for?

Jose Veras plays for the Houston Atros.

What position does Jose Veras play?

Jose Veras is a relief pitcher for the Houston Atros.