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Q: Who is Oliver Morris?
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When was Oliver Morris born?

Oliver Morris was born in 1912.

What has the author James Oliver Morris written?

James Oliver Morris has written: 'Conflict within the AFL' -- subject(s): History, Labor unions, Trade-unions, American Federation of Labor

What has the author Wilfred H Morris written?

Wilfred H. Morris has written: 'Captain William Oliver, a fisher of men'

What is a good middle name for Oliver?

Oliver Davis Oliver Charles Oliver August Oliver Even Oliver Brooks Oliver Farris Oliver George Oliver Harris Oliver Isaac Oliver Jacob Oliver Keith Oliver Lance Oliver Maverick Oliver Nathaniel

Is Greg Morris and Garrett Morris brothers?

Is Greg Morris and garrett Morris related

When was Morris W. Morris born?

Morris W. Morris was born on 1844-09-04.

When did Morris W. Morris die?

Morris W. Morris died on 1906-08-20.

What is Oliver's full name in the musical 'Oliver'?

Oliver's name is 'Oliver Twist'.

If Chuck Morris is'nt Chuck Morris then who is he?

Still Chuck Morris

How do you say the Morris' house in French?

If the name is Morris' it would be Morris' maison

Who are Gary Morris's sons?

Samuel Alexander Morris Matthew Burton Morris Hunter Drake Morris Garon Hurley Morris Stephen Chandler Morris

Where is the Morris Public Library in Morris located?

The address of the Morris Public Library is: 4 North St., Morris, 06763 0085

Where is the Village Library Of Morris in Morris located?

The address of the Village Library Of Morris is: 152 Main Street, Morris, 13808 M

What actors and actresses appeared in Emergence - 2009?

The cast of Emergence - 2009 includes: Oliver Ackland as Adam Pippa Black as Rachel Diane Craig as Margaret Bill Young as Doctor Morris

Is Howard Morris single?

No, Howard Morris is not single.

What is the birth name of Morris Harvey?

Morris Harvey's birth name is Harvey Morris.

What is the birth name of Bernard Morris?

Bernard Morris's birth name is Paul Morris.

What is the birth name of Mercury Morris?

Mercury Morris's birth name is Morris, Eugene.

Did frank lee Morris have children?

yes,he had 3 kids joahn marie morris,kendrick ethan morris,jacob anthony morris

Who is actor named Oliver?

oliver twist oliver twist

Who are Stevie Wonders family members?

They are: Aisha Morris Keita Morris Kwame Morris Mumtaz Morris Sophia Morris Kailand Morris Mandla Kadjay Carl Steveland Morris

Who Is Mischievous Morris?

Mischievous Morris is an music group of two sisters ( Jessica Morris ) and ( Regina Morris ) which are distributed on the record label Starr-Extraordinaire.

Where is the Morris Historical Society in Morris Connecticut located?

The address of the Morris Historical Society is: Po Box 234, Morris, CT 06763-0234

Where is the Morris Plains Library in Morris Plains located?

The address of the Morris Plains Library is: 77 Glenbrook Road, Morris Plains, 07950 2246

Did Governor Lewis Morris have any sisters or brothers?

yes Sarah Morris and Richard Morris

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