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Hawaii Pacific University. Yeah baby yeah!

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Q: Who is Oklahoma state playing in their bowl game?
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Is there a game today in Phoenix Arizona?

Yeah the fiesta bowl Stanford vs. Oklahoma state

Who was Oklahoma's first bowl opponent?

Oklahoma's first bowl game was the Orange Bowl in 1939. The Sooners lost to Tennessee 17-0.

How many times have the Oklahoma S ooners been to the Fiesta Bowl?

The 2011 Fiesta Bowl will be Oklahoma's 5th appearance in the game. The Sooners defeated Wyoming in 1976 and lost to Arizona State in 1983, Boise State in 2007, and West Virginia in 2008.

What is your favorite college football game of all time?

Boise state vs Oklahoma in the fiesta bowl 2007 I liked that one.

Where can you find information on Penn State Bowl Game?

There is no such thing as "Penn State Bowl Game", thus one cannot find information on "Penn State Bowl Game" anywhere. However, there is something know as "Penn State Bowl Record" and "Penn State Nittany Lions bowl game".

What bowl game is Oregon playing in NCAA?

the Rose Bowl

How many times has Michigan beat Penn State in football?

As of the 2007 season, Michigan and Oklahoma have met once, that being the 1976 Orange Bowl. Oklahoma won that game 14-6.

Why cant the Oklahoma sooners football team win a bowl game?

cause they suck

Who won the 2008 BCS bowl game?

Florida 24 vs Oklahoma 14

What is Oklahoma's state game bird?

The wild turkey.

Who did Penn State play in 1967 bowl game?

Penn State played Florida State in the 1967 Gator Bowl. The game ended in a 17-17 tie.

How many bowl championship series has the University of Oklahoma won?

OU has won one national championship in the BCS: Orange Bowl, Jan. 3 2001 vs. Florida State OU has also won an additional non-national championship BCS game: Rose Bowl, Jan. 1 2003 vs. Washington State