Who is Newcastle's record signing?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Q: Who is Newcastle's record signing?
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Where are the Newcastles are there in the world?

America and England

Were was Newcastles earthquake epicenter?


Who is arsenal record signing?


Are the players for Newcastles team?

The players for Newcastle are really good

How much is the record signing in football?

£80 million

Who is chealsea record signing?

Andiry shevchenko £30m

Before Fernando Torres who was Liverpool fc record signing?

Djibril Cisse was Liverpool's record signing before Fernando Torres But Djibril Cisse was RUBBISH!! :P

Who was Aston villa's record signing?

Darren Bent, £24m.

Who is Celtic's record signing?

john hartson - 6.18 million

Who is man unt record signing?

Dimitar berbatov £30.75m

Who makes up the Newcastles fan base?

Cory graham contact him at

Manchester city record signing?

Robinho £ 32.5 million and it is a joy to have him at city