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Kurt Busch is a former Nascar Cup Series champion and the brother of Nascar driver Kyle Busch.

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2011-07-08 03:04:41
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Q: Who is NASCAR driver Kurt Busch?
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Who is Kurt Busch?

Kurt Busch (born August 4, 1978 in Las Vegas, Nevada) is an American NASCAR racing driver.

Which NASCAR driver has a son who is a country singer?

No NASCAR driver has a son that is a country singer, however Kyle Petty's son-in-law is a country singer. Kyle's daughter Montgomery is married to country singer Randy Montana.

Who is the crew chief for Kurt Busch?

Todd Berrier is the crew chief for NASCAR driver Kurt Busch and the #78 Furniture Row car.

Does Kyle Busch have a brother or sister?

Kyle Busch has an older brother named Kurt, who is also a Nascar Sprint Cup driver.

How many siblings does Kyle Busch have?

One. Kyle's older brother Kurt is also a Nascar driver.

Who was the 2004 NASCAR champ?

Kurt Busch

Who are Kurt Busch's sponsors in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series?

Furniture Row is Kurt Busch's primary sponsor in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series.

Why is Nascar driver Kyle Busch such a cry baby?

A better question would be why are Nascar drivers Kurt Busch, Juan Pablo Montoya, Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson such cry babies?

What was the make of the car when Kurt Busch won the Nascar Cup Series championship?

When Kurt Busch won the 2004 Nascar Cup Series championship, he was driving a Ford Taurus.

What is Kurt Busch's car number in the Nascar Cup Series?

In the 2014 Nascar Cup Series, Kurt Busch will drive the #41 Chevy SS for Stewart-Haas Racing.

Who won the first Nascar Chase for the Cup?

Kurt Busch

How many Nascar championships has Kurt Busch won?

One.Kurt Busch won the 2004 Nascar Nextel Cup Series championship.

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