Who is Minnesota Twins jersey 40?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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Rick Anderson (Pitching Coach) currently wears #40, and has done so since 2002.

Minnesota Twins that have worn #40:

Ed Palmquist, 1961

Bill "Shorty" Pleis, 1961

Jim Donoshue, 1962

Cotton Nash, 1970

Joe Nossek, 1976 (Coach)

Sam Perlozzo, 1977

John Sutton, 1978

Kevin Stanfield, 1979

Jack Hobbs, 1981

Juan Berenguer, 1987-1990

Steve Bedrosian, 1991

Marty Cordova, 1995-1999

John Barnes, 2000-2001

Rick Anderson, 2002-

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Q: Who is Minnesota Twins jersey 40?
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