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Mike Woicik was named the Patriots strength and conditioning coach on Bill Belichick's staff on Feb. 16, 2000. The 29-year coaching veteran is now in his 17th season in the NFL and has initiated strength and conditioning programs that have contributed to the success of six Super Bowl Championship teams, three with the Patriots and three with the Dallas Cowboys. Woicik's six Super Bowl rings are more than any player or head coach in NFL history has earned. Woicik is a two-time winner of the Professional Football Strength and Conditioning Society's Coach of the Year Award, earning the honor in 1992 and 2004. Woicik's year-round conditioning program has proven to be a significant factor in the Patriots' success, as the team has remained fresh and saved its best football for the end of the season. Since 2001, New England has compiled a 46-9 (.836) record in games played after November 1, a record that exemplifies the solid conditioning approach employed by Woicik. Additionally, New England has been able to sustain lengthy winning streaks during Woicik's tenure, compiling an NFL-record 21-game winning streak from 2003-04 and also achieving a 12-game winning streak from 2001-02. Woicik entered the NFL coaching ranks with the Dallas Cowboys in 1990 and was voted the NFL's "Strength Coach of the Year" in 1992. During his seven seasons (1990-96) with the Cowboys, the team totaled an 89-38 record, including 12 playoff victories and three Super Bowl championships. Prior to joining the Patriots, he spent three seasons with the New Orleans Saints (1997-99) working under head coach Mike Ditka. Woicik began his strength and conditioning training at Springfield College in 1978. He served as the track coach and weight room coordinator from 1978-80. In 1980, he was hired by Syracuse University, where he developed the strength and conditioning programs for the university for the next decade (1980-89). Woicik is the author of the 1985 book "Total Conditioning for Football: The Syracuse Way".

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Q: Who is Mike Woicik?
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