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Q: Who is Michelle kwan's boy friend?
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What is Michelle kwan's religion?

what is michelle kwans religion

Did Michelle kwans mom die?


What is Michelle kwans birth name?

Michelle Wingshan Kwan.

Who started Michelle kwans career?

I do not know

What are Michelle kwans traditions?

well Michelle kwans traditions are many different stuff the most she likes is celebrating the independence of hong kong

What is Michelle Kwans favorite food?

She loves LUMPIA

What is Michelle Kwans salary?

$4 million a year

What are Michelle Kwan's hobbies and interests?

I know michelle kwans hobbies and interests they are skating

Who is Michelle Kwans boyfriend?

Christian Anschutz dating 2007

Does Michelle kwans have a brother?

yes, his name is Ron kwan

Is ron and kara Michelle kwans only siblings?

yes :)

What is Michelle kwans father name?

Her dad's name is Danny Kwan

What are some of Michelle kwans achievements?

donating money to charities and school.

What was Michelle kwans biggest disappiontment?

If your expected to win gold and you don't that is a disappointment.

What is Michelle kwans husbands name?

She doesn't have a husband quite yet but has a boyfriend named Adrian.

What were some of Michelle kwans hardships?

some of them are skating she has to practice over and over again till she get it right

What is Michel kwans record?

Michelle Kwan world recors is nothing ha ha you fools ,losers and nerds

What is Michelle Kwan's favourite colour?

to me Michelle kwans favorie color is red or blue or mabey both cause the both fit her way of style. Snowflakeia: Her favorite color is turquoise

What does 13 f mean?

boy friend boy friend boy friend

Is your name Michelle a boy name?

Michelle is a gender neutral name. I know both boy and girl Michelles.

Where Is Michelle Parker?

michelle parker is hiding. my dad told me. he is a friend of hers.

Who is Layla best friend?

Michelle McCool

Who is Hannah Montana's boy friend?

She don't have a boy friend and she said: If i have a boy friend and i promise that if i have it i will tell my fans

Beth Phoenix got a friend?

i think its Michelle McCool her best friend Michelle McCool boyfriend beat up Beth Phoenix

Is my friend Michelle crazy?

michelle is my best friend and i adore her! but she is crazy and she may be crazy but we r going to the mall if i am still alive... kidding