Who is Micheal Jordans son?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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Q: Who is Micheal Jordans son?
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Who creates jordans?

micheal jordan

Did they ever find a body for Micheal jordans dad?

Michael jordans daddy

When was Michael jordans first retiremnent?


Is michal jordans name Jordan Micheal?


When did Michael Jordans impacts on America begin?

Micheal jordans impact on America started when he was in colloge.

What is Micheal Jordans moms name?

Deloris Jordan

When and how did Micheal jordans father die?

July 23,1993

What was Micheal jordans basketball numbers?

23 for the bulls

Who made Jordans shoes?

Michael Jordan..

Why do people wear jordans?

Why Jordans are so popular ? not because micheal jordan is famous -.- its because if people wear jordans they will have swag & they look awesome on everyone ^.^

Who was Micheal jordans parents?

spongebob on crack and some hot mad sientist

What do the numbers on the Jordans mean?

It's Micheal Jordan's old jersey number.