Who is Maria Tutaia boy friend?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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how old is maria tutaia? 22.

who's Maria Tutaia boyfriend? ken Petia.

where is Maria Tutaia born? Maria Tutaia was born february18,1987 in Tokoroa, NZ.

how tall is Maria Tutaia? 1.88m tall.

what is Maria nationality? Maria Tutaia is a New Zealander but her ethnicity is Samoan.

how did Maria Tutaia achieve her goal[shooting] she put's one foot forward and gave it her best to achieve it!

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She is going out with dan carter

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Q: Who is Maria Tutaia boy friend?
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Does maria tutaia have a boy friend?


Is Maria Tutaia married?

Maria Tutaia is a famous netball player from New Zealand. Maria Tutaia has not been married but she is dating Ken Petia.

How many kids does maria tutaia have?

Maria Tutaia does not have any children. Maria Tutaia is from New Zealand and plays international netball. Netball is derived from basketball.

How old is maria tutaia?

Maria Tutaia is a very professional 22 year old

Where is Maria Tutaia from?

Maria Tutaia was born February 18, 1987 in Tokoroa, New Zealand.

How long has Maria Tutaia played netball for?

Maria Tutaia has played netball since primary school, in Blockhouse Bay.

Which Primary was she in when she started playing netball-maria Tutaia?

maria tutaia was in chaucer school when she first started playing netball

Does Maria tutaia have a family?


Is maria tutaia Samoan?

Yes she is.

Does maria tutaia have family?


Does Maria Tutaia have a baby?


Who is Maria Tutaia's inspiration?

No one except Maria knows.