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Q: Who is Manchester united penalty taker?
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Who is the Manchester united penalty taker?

i am thinkin Ryan giggs

Who missed the penalty for Manchester united in 2008 champions league final?


Who is Borussia Dortmund's penalty taker?


Who has scored a penalty for Newcastle United and saved a penalty for Manchester United and both have been seen on TV?

The Honey Monster, in the Sugar Puffs cup final, 1999

Who missed their penalty kick in the 2008 Champions League Final against Manchester United?

John Terry

Who is Birmingham city penalty taker?

Marlon King

Who is liverpools penalty taker when Gerrard is injured?


Who penalty taker west brom?

Graham Dorrans

How is the taker of the first penalty decided?

flip of a coin

Who is the west ham penalty taker?

Mark Noble

Who is the best penalty taker in the world?


Who is the goal scorer for Manchester United on Saturday?

Ryan Giggs netted two via the penalty spot. Nani scored United's second.