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Tommy Hodson 1986-89

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Q: Who is LSU tigers career passing yardage leader?
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What day did babe Ruth beat Roger connor?

July 18, 1921. Ruth's 139th home run, passing Connor and making him the MLB career leader, came off of Bert Cole of the Detroit Tigers at Navin Field (later known as Tiger Stadium) in Detroit.

Who was U Of Missouri quarterback in 1983?

Marlon Adler, a sophomore.Adler was a 4 year starter at Missouri (1982-1985). His 1983 totals were 267 rushing yards, 1603 passing yards, and 13 passing TDs and his career totals were 734 rushing yards, 5,231 passing yards and 44 passing TDs. He also led the Tigers in TDs scored in 1983 with 12 and was the punter for the Tigers during his four years there.

Who has turned the most double plays in MLB history?

Hall of Famer Tris Speaker, whose career spanned 1907-1928, is the MLB career leader in doubles with 792.

How many seasons did Al Kaline play for the Detroit Tigers?

Al Kaline played his entire 22-year career with the Detroit Tigers.

Who was the American leader of the flying tigers in World War 2?

Claire L. Chennault created and led the Flying Tigers in China

What team did Al Kaline play for?

Kaline played his whole career for the Detroit Tigers.

What MLB player had 3693 hits before finishing his career with the tigers?

Ty Cobb

Who was American leader of the Flying Tigers in China during World War 2?

Claire L. Chennault created and led the Flying Tigers in China

Who is the All time Detroit Tigers hits leader?

Ty Cobb with 4,191 hits.

What MLb active player has the most career home runs against the Detroit Tigers?


Who did Benji Marshall used to play for?

He has played for West Tigers for all his career so far.

Is there a leader of white tiger packs?

Tigers generally live alone and therefore do not form packs. Further, white tigers are only a rare color morph of typical orange and black tigers like Siberian tigers, so there would probably never be a group of white tigers in the wild.