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Karl Malone played for the Utah Jazz for many seasons in his career before joining the Los Angeles Lakers. Malone then retired after a season with the Lakers.

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Q: Who is Karl Malone in basketball?
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Who was the mailman in basketball?

Karl Malone.

Who has the most double doubles in basketball?

Karl Malone

Where did Karl Malone play college basketball?


Are Karl Malone and Moses Malone related?

No, Karl Malone and Moses Malone are not related,although many people think they are brothers. Karl Malone is considered one of the greatest power forwards in NBA history. Moses Malone is a retired Hall of Fame basketball player who starred in both the American Basketball Association and the National Basketball Association.

Who is karl malone?

Karl Malone was a professional basketball player who was born in Summerfield, Louisiana. He spent most of his professional career playing for the Utah Jazz of the National Basketball Association.

Who is a retired basketball player who now owns a trucking company?

Karl Malone

What pro basketball player has the second most career points?

Karl Malone

What teams did Karl Malone play for?

In his Hall of Fame career, Karl Malone played basketball for all but one year with the Utah Jazz in the National Basketball Association. His final season was in 2004 with the Los Angeles Lakers.

How much is a 1989 Karl Malone signed basketball card worth?

5 lollipops

What is Karl malone's address?

Karl malone is on my dick

What sport did Karl Malone play?

Karl Malone is a retired American professional basketball player who played the position of power forward. He played for the Utah Jazz for the NBA for most of his career.

Is Karl malone and Moses malone are brothers?

No, Karl Malone and Moses Malone are not related in any way.

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