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As of my last update, Johnathan Thurston is married to Samantha Lynch. They have been together since 2008 and have three children.

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Q: Who is Johnathan Thurston going out with?
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Is Johnathan Thurston going to Newcastle Knights?


When was Johnathan Thurston born?

Johnathan Thurston was born on 1983-04-25.

Who is johnathan thurston's father?

graham thurston

Does Johnathan Thurston live in Brisbane or Townsville?

Johnathan Thurston lives in Townsville, around Thuringowa.

How old is Johnathan Thurston?

Johnathan Thurston Is 28 years old (born 25 April 1983).

Does Johnathan Thurston have a woman?


Are both johnathan thurston's parents aborigine?


Does Johnathan Thurston have kids?

Yes, Johnathan Thurston has four children with his wife Samantha: Frankie Louise, Charlie Grace, Lillie Rose, and Remie Lee.

how many brothers and sisters does Johnathan Thurston?


How old is Jonathan Thurston?

Johnathan Thurston is 34 years old (birthdate April 25, 1983).

How tall is johnathan thurston?

He is 5ft 10in. (179 cm)

How many tries has johnathan thurston scored?

Thirty two