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The Lil black boy how plays Tyler on Childs play 3

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Q: Who is Jeremy Sylvers?
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How old is Jeremy sylvers?


Who is Jeremy sylvers and what is his mothers' name?


Where is Jeremy Sylvers actor of Childs Play 3 and what does he do?

As of 7-11-12, he is in la county jail

Is Jeremy sylvers mom an actress and did his father sing in the sylvers music group?

Jeremy Sylvers father, Edmund Theodore Sylvers, was the lead singer for the hit group 'The Sylvers.' Edmund has passed on of lung cancer in March of 2004. The Sylvers was an awesome group known by their true fans before the 1970's, and before their disco hit, "Boogie Fever." Such soulful hits as "Fools Paradise," and "Wish that I Could Talk To You," were just a sample of many hits they recorded before the disco craze of the 1970s. Leon Sylvers, Jeremy's uncle, was a great songwriter and producer, and went on to produce for more than his family. He produced for Shalamar, Evelyn King and later on in the 80s, the British pop group, "Five Star." Edmund did not sing all the material. Such ballads as "Roulette Wheel Of Love," were sang by Charmaine Sylvers who had a lovely voice and range. She also sang the low tempo on Fool's Paradise. This family was indeed a total package, extremely talented, sadly underrated, and felt by many fans..... unfairly compared to the Jacksons during their heyday. God Bless The Sylvers, and RIP to Edmund and Chris!

Does patricia sylvers of the sylvers have any children?

does any of the sylvers have children?

Did Christopher Sylvers perform with the Sylvers?

No, Christopher Sylvers never performed with the Sylvers. He died of hepatitis at age 17.

Can I see Pictures of Edmund sylvers children?

The best place to see some of his children would be There is a video titled "The Sylvers Hangout" which is spearheaded by J-Syl. (Not sure what birth order he is in). Jeremy Sylvers, who is a handsome dead ringer for his father, the late Edmund. J-Syl also has a channel. Check it Out.

What is the birth name of Edmund Sylvers?

Edmund Sylvers's birth name is Edmund Theodore Sylvers.

What is the birth name of Foster Sylvers?

Foster Sylvers's birth name is Foster Emerson Sylvers.

What is the birth name of Ronald Sylvers?

Ronald Sylvers's birth name is Joseph Ronald Sylvers.

Where can you listen to the sylvers music online?

You Tube. Type in The Sylvers.

Is leon sylvers married?

Yes.To Nidra Beard Sylvers.

Which Sylvers is incarcerated?

Foster Sylvers was incarcerated for molesting a minor.

What nicknames does Foster Sylvers go by?

Foster Sylvers goes by Fosdoe.

When was The Sylvers III created?

The Sylvers III was created on 1974-07-21.

How did Christopher Sylvers die?

Christopher Sylvers died at the age 18 from hepatitis.

Are all ricky sylvers kids with his wife Chloe sylvers?

No! He doesn't have any children with her.

Is Foster Sylvers married?

As of 2013, Foster is married to Marianne Sylvers and lives in Chicago.

How tall is Leon Sylvers III?

Leon Sylvers III is 5' 6" tall

Is angie sylvers from the singing group the sylvers marry?

Um...yeah. That's why her legal name/gov't name now is Angelia Marie ("Angie") Sylvers-Polk.

When was Have You Heard - Edmund Sylvers album - created?

Have You Heard - Edmund Sylvers album - was created in 1980.

When was Foster Sylvers - album - created?

Foster Sylvers - album - was created on 1973-06-10.

When was Leon Sylvers III born?

Leon Sylvers III was born on 1953-03-07.

When was Edmund Sylvers born?

Edmund Sylvers was born on January 25, 1957, in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

When was Foster Sylvers born?

Foster Sylvers was born on February 25, 1962, in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.