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Jeff Gordon's biological father is William Grinnell Gordon.

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Q: Who is Jeff Gordon's biological father and where is there evidence?
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Who is Zachary gordons parents?

Jeff Gordon

Who is Jeff gordons sister?

Kim Gordon

Was Jeff Gordon's mom married to his biological father?


Who is Jeff Gordon's biological father?

His real father is Bill Gordon.....still lives in the Bay Area.

Why were they trying to hide that Burt is Jeff Gordon's biological father?

they might have thought it would hurt him if he found out differently about the person he thought was his father

Was Jeff Buckley blind?

No, there is no evidence to suggest that.

Is Burt Ward really Jeff Gordon's father?

No, he is not. Jeff Gordon's father is named William Grinnell Gordon.

What are the names of Jeff dunham's kids?

Three children Daughters; Bree, Ashlyn, Kenna Bree is not Jeff's biological child. Jeff adopted her when he and his exwife got married.

Why is Jeff archuleta in jail?

David Archuleta's father, Jeff Archuleta is not in jail.

Is Jeff Corwin a christian?

Jeff Corwin is indeed a Christian. There is little evidence against him to say that he is not a Christian individual.

Who is in Jeff gordans family?

Jeff Gordon has been Married to Ingrid Vandebosch since 2006. They have a 2 year old daughter, Ella and are expecting a son (as of April 2010). He was raised by his Mother, Carol Bickford and Stepfather, John Bickford. His biological father is Bill Gordon. Jeff has 1 sibling, an older sister named Kimberly.

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